Soya Bean De-Oiled Cake

Soybean Meal is mainly used as animal feed around the world. It is a highly preferred food source as it is easily digestible, protein rich and also due to its energy giving nature.


It is an excellent meal for both ruminant as well as non-ruminant animals. It is consumed in ration with other ingredients. It must be fed in a completely mixed ration or be mixed with less palatable proteins to prevent overeating. Soya bean meals are high in B-complex vitamins, have a proven ability to lower cholesterol and are anti carcinogenic, essential amino acids, proteins and other nutrients. However it is low in calcium, Phosphorus, Carotene and vitamin D.

  • Highest sources of protein from plant origin
  • Animal feed for cattle, poultry, pork, other farm animals
  • Human Consumption
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Soy meal, Soy DOC
Description Soya bean is the by-product of the solvent extraction process of soya beans
Producers India, United States, China, Argentina, Brazil 
Parameter Percentage
Protein 45.70 %
Fiber 5.76 %
Fat 1.5 %
Moisture 12.5 %
Sand/Silica 0.37 %
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