Feed Essential Oils - Rice Bran Oil

Feed graded oil is extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice. It improving body condition, it is excellent for animals that are unable or unwilling to consume more.


  • Fat percentage improvement in feed
  • Binding agent
  • Improves palatability


  • Cattle feed
  • Poultry feed
  • Pig feed


  • Add 120 gms to cattle feed at least 45 days prior to exhibition for a slick shine and extra bloom
  • Feed 60 - 120 gms as a top dress daily to pigs weighing 50 lbs or more to increase bloom and shine for skin and hair
  • Mix  60 gms/day on feed or drench to increase bloom and general health

Average Composition

Parameter Specification
Colour Golden Yellow to Golden Brown
FFA 4 - 5 max
Moisture 1 max
Energy value 8800/Calorie
Iodine Value 100 ± 10
Antioxidant Added