About RS Cattle Feeds

About Us

RS Cattle Feeds is established in 2015, Chennai, India. We are one stop point to farmers and livestock rearers, we manufacture holistic range products such as concentrated animal feed, animal nutritional products and many agricultural inputs.

We are dedicated in improving the productivity of targeted animal by innovative proportions of concentrated feed mixture and nutritional inputs that sustainably increase higher milk yield, output performance and improved animal health.

RS Cattle Feeds manufactures and supplies broaden horizon of concentrated animal feed in the market. Range of feeds is made from natural-born wholesome plant protein using industrialized techniques ensure to incorporate essential nutrients in the diet of each animal feed. We provide feed for animals such as cattle, buffalo, goat and sheep. We proffer our customers with a sublime quality of animal feed at its reasonable / fair prices.

We embrace state of art technology for the prosperity, safety, happiness, well-being, profit & success of milk producers & meat producers. Our feeds comply with the norms set by the National dairy development board (NDDB). Our organization is chiefly plotted, hatched and blossomed for animal rearers and farmers to deliver superior graded feed and agriculture input. Our professional nutritionists/quality control team assist in composing different livestock feed ration formulation satisfying the level of protein, energy, amino acids, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals requirement for the targeted animal.


To become a leading producer in animal feed by leveraging to perceive our customer needs and deliver cost-effective products and best services, which consistently meets quality and makes a foray into the international market.


We focus on providing our customers with maximum gratification by providing enriched quality products and services. Our agglomerated team deploys state of art technology which is responsible for better stewardship of quality.

Why Us

RS Cattle Feeds offers wide range of comforts to our beloved customers with an unbeaten service. We proudly call our feeds as ‘Performance Enhancers’.

  • RS Cattle Feeds provides a balanced and reliable source of nutrients, maintaining total mixed ration of feed ingredients for smooth digestive functioning.
  • Our feed enhances growth rate by increasing milk yield productivity, milk lactation, milk proteins, lactose and milk fat.
  • Improves animal health and fight against stress condition.
  • Our feed is a perfect combination of protein, energy, amino acids, fibre, fat, vitamins and minerals.
  • We contribute extension services to farmers by shrinking the cost of feed to milk production ratio.
  • We conduct stringent quality control measures at every stage of production.
  • Our feed combined with all essential cakes and meals. Thus each bite of feed, the animal consumes contains the same proportion of concentrates.
  • Ensuring crop management by fulfilling farmer’s agricultural input with desired fertilizer & pesticides.


Having entered the animal husbandry and agriculture sector, we focus on establishing our network with both international and domestic market.

We always grow as a one stop point for farmers and livestock rearers by providing all necessary inputs.

“We are manufactures by nature and service providers by ideology”

We believe in a principle that customer happiness is our strength.