Pigeon Meal

Pigeon pea is an excellent fodder for cattle. It can be directly blended and crushed like maize. It is enriched with high protein value. The nutritional profile of pigeon pea is interesting for cattle feeding and poultry, sheep and goats. Anti-nutritional factors are present but in a lesser quantity than for other legume seeds, leading to higher nutritive value and good source of vitamin A.


Adding pigeon meal in livestock diets can cause biomass gain in the cattle. It is generally fed to the cattle with additional ingredients in order to give a balanced meal.

  • Animal feed - Cattle, Poultry, Sheep, Goat
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Pigeon Pea, Split Yellow Pigeon Pea, Cajanus Cajan, Cajan Pea
Description Pigeon Pea is a crushed, blended and is directly mixed with other rich ingredients.
Producers India
Proteins Percentage
Protein 10.9 %
Fiber 6.9 %
Ash 4.8 %
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