Nutrition - Oral Calcium

RS Cattle Feeds manufactures rich quality water soluble calcium supplement specially formulated for both ruminant and non-ruminant animals.

RS O-Cal is enriched with subsequent minerals and targeted vitamins specially designed for high yielders to increase output yield. Our calcium supplement makes stronger bones, fight against heat and stress conditions.



  • For pregnant and lactating mothers
  • For growing young ones
  • For high yielders
  • Prevents milk fever and hypocalcimia and other complications like dystocia, retention of placenta, metritis, mastitis, etc.,
  • Designed to improve health, shank and skeleton, vigor, appetite


  • To improve egg shell quality and egg laying duration
  • Enhance fat & meat
  • Increases feed efficiency & improves feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Resistance against diseases

Animal Use

  • Cow & Buffalo
  • Sheep, Goat & Pig
  • Chick, Grower & Broiler
  • Layer & Breeder poultry

Average Composition (for 20 ml)

Parameter Specification
Calcium 416 mg
Phosphorous 200 mg
Iron 12 mg
Zinc 1500 mg
Cobalt Trace
Carbohydrates 10 %
Vitamin B12 8.3 mg
Vitamin D3 800 IU


Animal Dosage
Cattle & buffalo 50 ml/day
Calf 25 ml/day
Pig 25 ml/day
Sheep & Goat 20ml/day
Chick, grower, broiler 50ml/100 chicks
Layer & breeder 100ml/100 chicks