Medicine - Health Enhancer

Our combined organic acids reduce the pH of the feed resulting in lower pH of the stomach of the animal. It holds a special ability to penetrate bacteria through the cell wall and kill the harmful bacteria by interfering with its metabolism and prevent growth of pathogenic microorganisms.


  • Enhance farm productivity through improved gut health
  • Regulates pH and microbial balance of gut
  • Improves palatability of feed, thus improves the growth and FCR
  • Improves enzymatic digestion of proteins
  • Increase shelf life of feed
  • Increase immunity and reduces mortality and digestion disorder
  • Aid natural fermentation in the stomach of young birds
  • Compensate hydrochloric acid deficiency in stomach of piglets

Animal Use

  • Poultry


  • Depends on the initial pH of feed
  • Recommended 1 - 2 Kg/tonne of feed