Mold Inhibitor & Preservatives - Feed Protector

RS Cattle Feeds manufactures feed protector to extend the shelf life of animal feed by maintaining the nutritive value. We formulated with a mixture of salts such as calcium hydroxide & propionic acid. It ensures to reduce the possibility of mold & aerobic sporulating bacterial development in feeds.

RS Cattle Feeds manufactures wide range of mold inhibitors & preservatives under proportion of salt mixture such as Calcium propionate powder, Sodium propionate powder, Calcium butyrate powder, Sodium butyrate powder.


  • Non-toxic to animals
  • Prolongs the shelf-life of feeds
  • Prevents molds formation in the feed
  • Enrich the output composition of the feed
  • Helps to inhibit aflatoxin production
  • Increase milk yield and improve milk components
  • Improving the animal appetite by stimulating rumen microbial synthesis of protein and/or volatile fatty (VFA) production
  • Increase digestion in the digestive tract, stabilize rumen environment and pH
  • Reduce heat stress effects
  • Increase calcium concentration & prevents acture hypocalcemia
  • Improve health such as less ketosis, reduce acidosis, improve immune response
  • Useful aid in preventing milk fever in cows


  • Recommended: 110 - 115 gm/day per animal (or) 1 - 3 kg/ton of feed
  • Ruminants: 40 gm/Kg diet per day
  • Poultry: 2 - 8 gm/kg diet per day
  • Pig: 30 gm/kg diet per day
  • Usage in livestock depends on the moisture content of the material being protected