Organic Pesticides - Crop Protector

It is a greater solution for pest and disease problems, blended with herbal extracts, corn steep liquid and enzymes. High performance absorption liquid by plant prevents spreading of viruses.


  • Water soluble (Foliar/Fertigation/Drip irrigation)


  • Healthy crops, higher productivity
  • Protect crop from pests and pathogenic organisms
  • Stimulate growth, produce new leaves and flowers, reduced shedding of flowers
  • Increase chlorophyll
  • Control all micro-nutrients deficiencies
  • Works both preventive and early curative
  • Control microbes
  • Minimize transpirational losses


  • 2 ml per liter for floriculture green houses
  • 3 ml per liter for field crops
  • 3.5 ml per liter for hardy plants
  • Soil application can be repeated in 5 to 7 days as per plant condition