Cotton Seed De-Oiled Cake

The Cotton seed meal we offer is an excellent source of proteins and rich in nutrition. The protein content in the cotton seed meal is best utilized by the cattle if it by passes its rumen and is digested in the subsequent parts of the stomach.


It has excellent protein feed resources, rich in nutrition, contains tryptophan, methionine and high-content vitamin. It is low in lysine and must be fed with other protein sources with different rations. Cottonseed meal is low in minerals and fair in vitamin B content.

  • Cattle Feed
  • High protein supplement and can replace all of the soybean meal in the ration
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Cotton seed De-Oiled cakes, Cotton seed meal
Description Cotton seed meal is a by-product from the extraction of oil from whole cotton seed.
Producers China, USA, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Brazil
Parameter Percentage
Protein 34.52 %
Fiber 20.23 %
Fat 4.5 %
Moisture 12 %
Sand / Silica 0.34 %
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