Corn Meal

It is low in fibre, but rich in starch. Due to its palatable, nutritious and high energy properties, it makes a perfect animal feed. Corn has a higher fat content than barley or wheat. The corn we offer may be fed to dairy cattle, shelled to young stock that masticate well, cracked, as corn and cob meal or flaked.


We ensure to harvest, dry and transport the maize grain with utmost hygiene and care. We furnish superior quality maize grain which intern to be used as animal feed. Corn meal is rich in protein content; it can be directly used as animal feed either in mash or pellet form. It acts as a high protein supplement and can replace soybean meal in the ration. But normally it is concentrated with other ingredients in order to balance the diet content. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, fats, dietary fibers and proteins.


  • Cattle feed
  • Human consumption
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Maize, Corn
Description Corn meal is a palatable and nutritious feed derived from maize grains. It is high in energy and makes the perfect animal feed.
Producers United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, India
Parameter Percentage
Protein 46 %
Moisture 14.5 %
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