Supplements - Bio Zinc

Blended with organic zinc and bio available zinc, which improve zinc deficiency in aging crops, better soil health and micro-flora. Zinc and carrying material glucose provides strength to the crop and fight against stress conditions.


  • Water soluble (Foliar/Fertigation/Drip Irrigation)
  • Granulated formulation for soil


  • Increase photosynthesis in plant and promote growth of healthy green leaves
  • Reduce withering in patches. It stops the formation of abnormally small leaves
  • Enhance farm productivity and growth of shoots
  • Highly soluble in water, facilitates complete absorption by the plant
  • Enhance flower production, fruit set, seed set and improved rate of maturity

Average Composition

Parameter Specification
Organic Zinc 50 - 52%
Bio available Zinc 6 - 7 %


Liquid formulation

  • 2 - 3 ml/1 liter of water for foliar/fertigation application for all crops
  • 1st spray during vegetative stage (or) when yellowish color appears on crops/leaves
  • 2nd spray during pre-flowering stage
  • 3rd spray during fruit setting stage

Granule formulation

  • 2 Kgs/1 acre nursery
  • 5 Kgs for planting and sowing crops
  • Apply either 18 - 20 days after or before use of any phosphate fertilizer to avoid depletion/fixation