Supplements - Bio Sulphur

Blended with enriched protein, constituent of amino acids (cysteine, cystine and methionine) it act as building blocks to protein. Bio available & absorbable bio sulphur is introduced to meet and correct deficiencies of sulphur for all crops. Bio sulphur can be applied to soil through any of the suitable carrier material.


  • Water soluble (Foliar/Fertigation/Drip irrigation)
  • Granulated formulation for soil


  • Formation of chlorophyll and promotes photosynthesis
  • Increase crop yield and improves product quality
  • Granules are slow release, But will withhold its effect for 22 - 25 days from date of application and is totally absorbable to all crops
  • Improves crop quality - grain protein, starch content, oil content, nutritional quality
  • Can be mixed with any common available organic / chemical or inorganic agriculture inputs
  • Increase efficiency of NPK fertilizer, if applied along with it


Liquid formulation

  • Availability to all crops to address deficiency at rapid speed

Granule formulation

  • 10 Kgs/acre for all crops
  • 20 Kgs/acre for oil seeds & pulses
  • 25 Kgs/acre for tuber crops and sugar cane