Supplements - Bio Phosphorus

Our high soluble liquid form facilities complete absorption by the plants. Blended with rich source of chelated amino acids compatible with all water sprayable agrochemicals which in turn reduce cost of application.


  • Water soluble (Foliar/Fertigation/Drip Irrigation)
  • Granulated formulation for soil


  • Improves quality, formation of new cells, promotes root growth
  • Increase resistance to diseases and strengthens the stems of cereals plants
  • In leguminous plants – Hastens and encourages the development of nitrogen fixing nodule bacteria
  • Improves soil micro flora due to organic nature
  • High suitable for foliar/drip & basal applications
  • Promotes healthy green leaves and reduced the intensity of chlorosis
  • Increase flower formation, fruit set, seed set, rate of maturity


Liquid formulation

  • Spray at least 2 different stages as per following schedule at 5ml per/1 liter of water
  • 1st spray at 7 days after transportation/early vegetative phase
  • 2nd spray after 30 days of 1st application

Granule formulation

  • 10 - 20 Kgs per acre