Animal Meals

Animal meals are extremely important as they play a vital role in the livestock ration. They give the animal the necessary protein and energy. At RS Cattle Feeds, we offer our clients a wide range of animal meals and de-oiled cakes. The oil bearing cakes are especially high in energy because of the oil that they contain. Livestock producers should always incorporate animal meals into their feedstock ration. It is very important to know the characteristics of the ingredient such as moisture content, relative feeding value and the appropriate amount to feed.


Rice Bran De-Oiled

De-oiled rice bran meal has a high amount of protein and other nutritional components.

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Rice Polish

Rice Polish is the meal taken off from the brown rice in order to make white rice.

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Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is fed as a source of roughage in a concentrated ration.We produce...

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Corn Meal

It is low in fibre but rich in starch. Due to its palatable, nutritious and high energy...

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Soya Bean De-Oiled Cake

Soybean Meal is mainly used as animal feed around the world. It is a highly preferred...

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Cotton Seed De-Oiled Cake

The Cotton seed meal we offer is an excellent source of proteins and rich in nutrition.

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Groundnut De-Oiled Cake

Groundnut de-oiled cake is extracted during the solvent extraction process. It is highly...

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Black Gram

Black gram is essentially gram crushed blended with roasted gram broken bits...

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Copra Meal

Copra meal is a valuable animal feed ingredient and is rich in fiber and protein. We offer...

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Tapioca Meal

Tapioca starch is highly nutritious. Tapioca Kappi Flour is also a perfect animal feed...

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Corn Cob Meal

Corn cob is highly nutritious and also contains high amount of energy. It is an excellent...

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Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed is primarily cultivated for animal feed due to its very high lipidic...

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Pigeon Meal

Pigeon pea is an excellent fodder for cattle. It can be directly blended and crushed like maize.

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