Supplements - Animal Developer

It is formulated through an enzyme hydrolysis process, which consists of amino acids, electrolytes, bio-available calcium gluconate, enzymes, carbohydrates, essential minerals & vitamins in a water dissolvable condition.


  • Better livability and free from toxins
  • Increase digestion with the help of supportive enzymes

Animal Use

  • Poultry: Bio-calcium provides strength to egg shell and reduce egg breakage, Increase production of eggs and weight gain
  • Aquaculture: Increase weight and improve heath
  • Sheep
  • Beef cattle
  • Pig
  • All meat producing animals


Animal Dosage
Chicken* Broilers 50ml/1000 birds per day for last 3 weeks of batch
Chicks 20ml/1000 birds per day
Growers 30ml/1000 birds per day
Layers 50ml/1000 birds per day
Small Animals Sheep 2ml/kg of body weight
Calf 50ml/day
Dog 2ml/kg of body weight
Large Animals Cow 100 - 150 ml per animals per day

* Dosage will vary as per bird’s condition