Diversified animal feed company

that manufactures concentrated animal feeds which sustainably increases milk yield rate and improves animal health. We aim at providing meals that offer ‘total protein intake’ for all the animals.

Ruminant Animal Feed

Ruminants include Cow, Sheep, Goat, Buffalo, Deer, Yak, Elk, Camels and many more. Ruminants are four stomached animal. Its digestion depends on the rumen degradable Protein & Rumen Undegradable Protein.


Cow Feed

Cows are polyestrous and homeotherms. Cows are the main dairy animal.

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Buffalo Feed

Buffaloes have slower ruminal movements, smaller rate of outflow...

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Sheep Feed

Sheep are capable of recycling dietary and metabolic nitrogen. They demand a high...

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Goat Feed

Due to the management requirements for goats production, it is often...

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Non-Ruminant Animal Feed

Non-Ruminants include Horses, Pigs, Chicken, Rabbits, Dogs, Cat, Bird and many more. Non-Ruminant/Monogastric are single stomached animals, which digest their food with one stomach similar to humans.


Horse Feed

Horse feed is generally given for three levels of digestible energy which are minimum, average...

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Pig Feed

Pigs are Homeotherms, Polyestrous, monogastric and simple stomached animals.

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Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process involves the following steps


Feed Ingredients

These are the feed ingredients which we add up under a formulated ration obtain...


Ration Formulation

Ration formulation is dynamic and constantly changes as per the nutrient...


Feed Mixing

The batch of high quality ingredient undergoes a heterogeneous mixture...



Pelleting of feeds is accomplished by forcing the mixed feed ingredient...



We provide rich quality packing having secured aspect weight. Our bags undergo...

Quality Policy

We are a quality conscious organisation and thus pay immense emphasis on the quality of our feeds.

To ensure it, we adopt a Quality Management System (QMS) based on Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and National Dairy Development Board...

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